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Foxy Bingo

Foxy Bingo Review

Foxy Bingo

When you enter in Foxy Bingo, fun explodes on your screen and vibrant homepage will make bingo playing appear more exciting and popular web site, recognisable from entertaining television ads and familiar face of the Foxy, has lots to boast about. Joining to Foxy is very simple and you will take benefit of 100% of match bonus on first deposit and 50% of ongoing match bonus after that. Foxy Bingo also take pride in online bingo community where the ‘roomies’ will be able to share gossip & read winners stories. So added features include bingo lingo as well as bingo glossary where the players can get to grips of bingo slang as well as become true bingo addict!

With more than 40-games, your experience in Foxy bingo may give an endless hours of amusement. Game rooms are simple to flick between as well as card prices begin from fantastic 5p. The cash prizes are from short with guaranteed monthly jackpot of around £25,000! The loyal players in Foxy are awarded with the bingo points that are exchanged to purchase bingo cards and foxy credit the account with around 5000 BP’s only to refer your friend! In case all this does not want you get making your foxy family, then you can tune in Foxes’ exclusive radio online, where lots of cash prizes are given! With all of this and many more, there is no wonder that Foxy Bingo is UK’s biggest bingo rooms online!
Foxy Bingo is around from June 2005 and is planted as the largest names in the online bingo. The Foxy Bingo have also advertised very well by taking prime time spots on the national tv and teaming up with the celebrities like Katie Price and shows like Jeremy Kyle show.

Foxy Bingo is a most heavily marketed of Globalcom powered web sites as well as it makes most of newly established traffic by staying heavy on promotions in line of sometimes shaky program. But it is clear that lots of money has now gone in some other aspects of web site & where Foxy shines is in the additional features & community that is based emphasis outside on bingo itself. While provided gaming program is not sufficient to stop player from sticking over at Foxy Bingo that it certainly is not very good as other online bingo offerings.

The Globalcom is also known in industry for being the worst platforms in an online bingo however Foxy Bingo has also done fair sufficient job making the web site easy to navigate & cleaning up game aesthetics for the users. Tickets look much better than the similar web sites and main page is very functional even though color scheme is pink & purple that it is very hard on eyes and it takes a little more work to find out your way over Foxy Bingo than competitors but layout is not beyond redemption. There are some good number of promotions in Foxy Bingo that includes sign up incentive that is described in the site.

Foxy Bingo

For online lottery players and enthusiasts the launch of the foxy Bingo game about five years ago was an extraordinary as well as exciting experience. Although the Foxy Bingo game is still young compared to the numerous other bingo games, it has not disappointed the committed and dedicated Foxy Bingo players. It is very crucial to mention that the game of Foxy Bingo has and continues to gain a lot of popularity as well as a following of staunch players. One of the reasons for this enormous growth is the level of marketing that has been put forward in order to promote and make the public aware of the game and the interesting features it has brought to the bingo gaming society.

But we need to take a closer look at this awesome and celebrated game among bingo players. In the United Kingdom in particular it has become very popular among bingo players as a result of many features it has introduced into bingo gaming.  Where in they offers a lot of things such as Casino, Instant wins like scratch car and top trumps, Slots with high paylines reaching almost 9, Keno and Bingo Games with updated version. All these are created in latest version and great bonuses also indicated on the game. Indeed for starters, the fox is very unique in addition to the numerous bonuses found in the game. Most especially this month of February because array of promotion has been release just recently, indeed you can check them on Foxy’s diary.

On the other hand, Foxy Bingo offers enormous prizes and welcome bonus is included to that. However, upon registration you’re entitle to receive a bonus of £20 free and if you make an initial deposit you’ll receive 200 % bonus match with the amount you cash in. Another thing, you’ll be receiving a 50 % bonus also if you make a second or succeeding deposits. However, this can be more notable and unique features because fox has been successful in helping to promote the game among the players.

Moreover, there are other features involve, a chat room for the players to interact as they play Foxy Bingo wherein creating a smooth playing environment for players. Not to mention people get to have the opportunity to share ideas as well as help each other solve difficult challenges among players. There is a sense of belonging in a community for players as they play. Where in the bonus and promotional part is the most important part for players. Most especially if they can cash them instantly.  Actually, Foxy Bingo is making its best to cater all their clients and if possible please them by giving enormous bonuses or privileges. Just like right now, they offer guaranteed jackpot with the prize of £500 and with ticket value for only 5 pence. And most importantly, you can earn 5000 bingo points if you’re going to invite your Facebook friends to play in Foxy Bingo. But be reminded that it will only credited if they make an initial deposit and spend them on games.